Nigel Kinrade Photography

Owner and Photographer – Nigel Kinrade

Award winning photographer Nigel has loved all things motorsport from an early age. Born on the Isle of Man in the UK, home of the famous ISLE OF MAN T.T. MOTORCYCLE RACES, Nigel grew up sitting on hedges and watching the road race dare devils from a few feet away. During high school and college he travelled Europe photographing Grand Prix Motorcycle races, and following his idols in Formula One.

Nigel arrived in the US in the early nineties. The NASCAR world, its drivers, teams, owners and fans have been part of his life for over 27 years. He spends more time week in week out with the people of the NASCAR community than he does at home with his family. Nigel has worked with some of the best teams and sponsors in the industry.

One of the pinnacles of Nigel’s career, so far, was the front cover of Sports Illustrated. He was also the subject of an episode of the reality show 7 Days on the Speed Channel. He destresses by riding around on his Ducati 916 Superbike.

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7 Days: Nigel Kinrade from Brian M Goodwin on Vimeo.