Nigel Kinrade Photography


Nigel Kinrade

It started at a young age – a love of speed and all things motorsports. Born on the Isle of Man in the UK, home of the famous T.T. Motorcycle races, Nigel grew up sitting on hedges and watching the road race dare devils from a few feet away. During high school and college he travelled Europe photographing Grand Prix Motorcycle races, and following his idols in Formula One…

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Russell LaBounty

Russell bought his first camera in 1979. He has worked for weekly and daily newspapers as the news and sport photographer and also as a reporter. In the early 1990’s he photographed his first dirt spring car race and became hooked on race photography. During that time he was series photographer for The All Star Circuit of Champions as well as the UMRA TQ Midget Series. He has worked…

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Matt Thacker

Matt found his niche for photography at the age of 15. In 2001, he enrolled at Randolph Community College, a nationally recognized photography school, to obtain his degree in photojournalism. While at Randolph, Matt interned and later worked for a photography company that specialized in NASCAR. He has worked in NASCAR ever since. While in college Matt also met his wife…

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Rusty Jarrett

SinceĀ attended his first NASCAR race at Darlington Raceway at the age of ten, racing was Rusty’s primary sport of choice. As his interest in photography and racing were a natural fit, he began shooting local racing. His first paid assignment was in 1983 at Darlington for the Southern 500.

He is a well known figure in the world of NASCAR and in the motorsport photographic community.

Rusty finds the engineering side of NASCAR fascinating, as well as the many relationships with the drivers and crew members. He is in his element working on pit road during the races.
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John Harrelson

Award winning motorsports photographer, John Harrelson, has been in the business for more than 30 years. His love of motorsports started as a young boy with his father in the grandstands at Richmond International Raceway. He combined his two loves, motorsports and photography, turning his passion into a successful career. The official photographer for Richmond International Raceway…

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